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In our five years of working together you have contributed a lot to the development of Pan Seeds!

Any organization to succeed on a long term basis needs a vision and the process. You guided us in acquiring both. I will always be thankful to you for this ! You helped us in recruitments in all its formats . Your periodic performance review systems , audits of our systems all helped us in keeping us aware of where we are faltering. You anchored our HRD programs and developed a system of training and mentoring at Pan Seeds . I must say you helped in the development of all the software of Panseeds.

I wish we can seek your assistance in future and you continue to guide us in our growth initiatives !

Alok Marodia
You developed an excellent rapport with our employees who participated in the sessions you conducted. This helped them to open up and express themselves…………………They want more of such sessions so that they can develop more and that will not only benefit them, but, it will benefit the company. In my assessment, the greatest impact you have made on the participants is that they now "think" and try to "express" on their own, on different topics.

Partha Ghosh
General Manager
It is really an excellent experience to enter the field of Human Resource Management with ICON as a partner. Our journey together, helped us understand and evaluate the importance of Human Resource for our organization.

The use of Profiles Performance Indicator tools revealed the hidden areas of the strengths and weaknesses of the employees, and these will serve as the base for designing the motivating tools and streamlining the human resource towards a common organizational goal.

Though in process, the program has already developed a hope of reaching a platform where every employee will visualize and share the organizational goal and find his/ her role in reaching it.

We are thankful to ICON for being our partners in progress.

Sanjay Jhunjhunwalla
Managing Director
Your outstanding work helped me recognize the true potential of our organization.

Honestly, I was not too sure of the outcome of the assignment when I signed the work order. But the moment you took me through the benchmarking exercise, I knew we could expect some authentic analysis about our people and organization.

The ease with which the whole exercise was completed was just too good. The feedback reports were simple but very powerful at the same time. It was not only the management but the top managers too who liked the process at the end of it all. The best part was that no one ever raised any doubt about the validity of your findings. I guess it's not just the quality of your assessments but the timely, transparent and consistent manner in which your team worked, that developed the faith.

The experience has strengthened my belief in the use of modern methods in HRM.

Sushil Goenka
Managing Director
Thank you and your team for excellent guidance and support in accomplishing the targeted ISO 9001:2000 certification in record 3 months time.

I appreciate the way you stuck to the schedule and made my people meet deadlines while developing the systems and implementing changes.

It was a pleasure working with your organisation and we shall be glad to have an opportunity of working with you in future rtners in progress.

Susobhan Chattopadhyay
GM (Technical)
Thank you very much for the manner in which you guided and supported us to complete the ISO 9001: 2000 implementation in our Supply Department in such a short span of time. Your constant encouragement and persistence in complying with the stated requirements inspired us to stick to the challenge and achieve the certification.

The numerous sessions that you had with us have made us more goal-oriented in our activities. Interpersonal communication at work has improved and the performance of all our staff had transformed into a beautifully coordinated team movement as we neared completion of our schedule. You made it possible for all of us to achieve something which we did not dream of before.

S. P. Mandal
Dy. Municipal Commissioner (Supply)
It was a learning experience to have your support in managing the transition to ISO 9001:2000. Your subtle ways of involving the whole of the top management in the change implementation, without creating much fuss was simply remarkable. Your transparent, down-to-earth, yet quick approach in setting organisation goals and the means have made us a lot wiser.

I am now confident that our team is capable of handling any of the ISO 9000 related issues.

I also appreciate the quality of your assessments. I feel the use of Profiles Performance Indicator can give a new dimension to our organisation development.

Shyamal Dutta
Group General Manager MIS
Attending the workshop organized by you was a very worthwhile experience. The evaluations of me, carried out by you, although not very complimentary, were extremely objective. It has made me appreciate the quality of your systems both as an individual also as an organisation man.

Subir Dasgupta
DGM Project Management
Our experience with you over the last few months has been more than satisfactory.

We appreciate your punctuality, and your sincerity in understanding our systems and processes, and getting into them with an effortless ease. Your suggestions to bring about improvements will no doubt help us in operating more efficiently.

We appreciate the fact that you come prepared for our meetings and always deliver your part of the assignments without any reminders.

Over these last few months I think Team Holoflex has developed a very cordial and transparent relationship with Icon, and we regard you one of our own, rather than an external consultant.

Manoj Kochar
I am delighted to write this testimonial for the exceptional services provided by Icon Consultancy, and especially for the dedicated efforts of Mrs. Sima, who has been handling our HRMS and all HR-related work at Modern Properties for the past two years.

With Dr. Sima's able guidance and expertise, we have witnessed significant improvements in our HR practices, implementation processes, and systems. Her professionalism and attention to detail have been instrumental in streamlining our HR operations, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow within our organization.

Your leadership and the team at Icon Consultancy have consistently exceeded our expectations. Their personalized approach to understanding our specific needs and tailoring solutions accordingly has been commendable.

Amit N Kochhar
It was an amazing experience to get the job positions filled up with the help of your team at Icon Consultancy Services. They handled the entire process very professionally. It’s such a huge taskto search for a prper candidate and all the necessary steps to be taken right from searching the right candidate to getting him/her to join our company. I was very impressed and I wish you all a grand success.

I will surely recommend your services to my contacts.

Aalok Bhutoria

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